Birthday Gifts

My wife's birthday was coming up so I decided to shop for a gift. I went to a women's wear shop to see what they had. One of the salesladies waited on me and I told her I was shopping for a birthday gift for my wife. She asked what I had in mind. I did not know, so she suggested some nice lingerie, probably a bra and panty set. I told her I wasn't sure of her size so she asked me if my wife was the same size as her. She thrust her chest out for me to check. I told her my wife was about the same size. I said I still was not sure. She then opened her blouse and asked me to touch her breasts to see if they felt the same. At this point, I started to get somewhat excited. She was wearing a front hook bra and unhooked it and took my hand and placed it on her breast. I then confirmed that she was the same size. She then told me she was a 34DD and I told her to give me two brassieres. This was a great day for buying birthday gifts.

— Evan, 26