Got It Made

Growing up with two older sisters was something I had hated. Being six and seven years their younger left something to be desired. I was a human doll at their disposal. Dressing me and playing house for hours, I was the baby between them and their friends. At times, I was let free to wander with no clothes on, and the girl's friends would take great interest in me. So, it just became like second nature to be around my sister's friends when I had no clothes on. As they got older, their interests changed, and I was cast aside. During my puberty years, my parents divorced, and I lived with my mom and sisters. As years went by, I shied away from being seen by my sister's friends. My mom and her best friend, Doris, were good looking for being in their late forties. Guys would take notice, to say the least. One day when I was eighteen years old and my mom was hanging out with Doris, I was in my room reading a book mom had forbidden. My mom walked in on me. I normally I locked my door so these things would not happen. Before I could react to anything, my mom came over and grabbed me by the arm. She led me out of my room and into the kitchen where Doris was. She did this to embarrass me in order to teach me a lesson. As I was being chewed out by my mom, Doris was staring at me. From that point on, my sister's friends and Doris have had their fill of me from time to time. It's just like the old days when we were kids. I still cut Doris's lawn once a week and then some.

— Egan, 20