Taking Down the Christmas Decorations

My wife and her friends are out for the day, leaving me to take down the Christmas tree. I like to cross dress, so I put on a pair of lacy panties, pantyhose, high heels and her little black dress. I was still taking off ornaments when she and her friends came home. I didn't hear them come in until I heard the gasp! They were all very surprised to see me in my wife's dress. One of them finally spoke, saying I looked very sexy and that she didn't know I had such nice legs. The others agreed and asked me to spin around so they could see me better. My wife seemed embarrassed, but when her friend started touching me, she joined in. Later, my wife brought several dresses for me to put on and show the girls. They spent the rest of the day dressing me up and taking advantage of me. I wonder what we can do for Easter.

— Jerry, 46