Every Vacation

My family and I took a vacation to St. Bart's last summer. As soon as I got there, I was horny and ready for wild and crazy sex. I decided to go to a nude beach because I knew I could get sex there. So, I decided to pack my huge penis into a snug-fitting Speedo and go to the beach to see what would happen. As soon as I got there, women both young and old stared at my package. I couldn't blame them. I am very well hung. I have a thirteen-inch pee-pee that is very thick. I then took off my Speedo and let my monster snake hang out. Within two minutes, a sexy girl with huge boobs and a nice hiney came up to me and asked me for sex. I agreed. We went to a room and had wild and crazy sex for ten hours. Everyone could hear us moaning from a mile away. It was awesome. I now do this on every vacation. Thank God for my huge pee-pee!

— Nadir, 32