My wife asked if I could pick up some clothes from her parents' house on the way home from work. She had ordered some items from her mum's mail order book. I passed my in-law's home on the way to and from work, so it made no difference to me. I had always got on well with my wife's parents, Patty and Tom. I arrived at their home at about six that evening; Patty answered the door in her bath robe and her hair was wet. I apologized for obviously getting her out the shower. Patty ushered me inside and I followed her to the kitchen. Despite myself, I couldn't help admire her body in her robe as she led the way. She insisted I stay for a coffee; while the kettle was boiling, she went to get the parcel. The kettle had boiled and Patty had not returned, so I finished making the coffee. I heard her enter the kitchen and turned around with a cup in each hand. She walked towards me and took the cups and placed them on the table. I couldn't help notice her robe had parted and her body was on display. Without a word, she took my hands and placed them on her. I could feel myself getting excited. Neither of us said a word as we had oral sex. I was in a state of shock; it was almost like a dream. I got myself together, picked up the parcel from the table, and left. This has never been mentioned and nothing has ever happened since.

— Colin, 49