Wild and Raunchy Sex

About a year ago, I went to Brazil for a business trip. I left my wife and kids at home because I could not afford it. When I got to Rio, I immediately went to a nude beach. I was so horny. I knew that I could get sex at the beach because I have a humongous snake, if I don't say so myself. I love my bippy! It has gotten me wild sex over the years. My wiener is sixteen inches long and is super thick. It's as thick as a beer can! Anyway, as soon as I got to the beach, I saw a hot blonde girl with huge boobs who was wearing a g-string. I walked by her with my massive ding-a-ling, and all she did was stare at it. I soon noticed that a bunch of girls were looking at my snake. I asked five girls to come to my hotel, and they all agreed. When I got to the room, I had sex with all of them. We messed around for two whole days. During the sex, I moaned really loudly so the whole hotel could hear. It was the best experience ever. I am glad that my massive jimmy attracted so many hot girls!

— Cletus, 38