Body Builder Posing Suit

I'm a body builder and I enter about six to eight competitions a year. The only thing we wear during competition is what is known as a Posing Suit. It's very brief and covers just enough. My mother-in-law made me a posing suit recently that is close to indecent. She says that a lot of the judges are female and that since I am extremely well endowed, why not flaunt what I have. The suit is very sheer and has a form fitting pouch. Prior to the competition, my wife and mother-in-law oil up my body before going out on stage. My wife does the top and mom loves to do everything below the waist. I love it. After competition, I usually adjourn to a private room with the two ladies. We really love these events and the moments leading up to the competition. Such a turn on for all of us.

— George, 26