Neighbor Loving

During a summer when I was still in high school, one of my friends that had gone away to college showed back up. Our group of friends all hung out together throughout the summer. One night, after everyone else had left a potluck at her house, the two of us were finally alone cuddling on the couch. We started making out intensely on the sofa and later moved down to her bedroom downstairs. On her bed, I apologetically told her I didn't want to go all the way yet (I was still a virgin). She knew just what to do. She gave me oral pleasure that felt so much better than I ever could have imagined! I started educating myself up on sex and female bodies. So, on her next trip back home, I went down the street to her parents' house and lost my virginity. Then we did it again and again and one last time, too. She and her boyfriend at college had an open relationship, so all was well. It continued like that for a little under a year. Our school breaks were filled with horny rampages just down the street from my parents' home. It kept on until I took a trip with a brand new girlfriend to visit a mutual friend in her college town. She came over, and after everyone went to bed, including my girlfriend, the two of us starting making out uncontrollably again. I had to stop to explain the conundrum I was in; being there with my girlfriend with whom the details of our relationship had not yet been discussed. She knew, again, just what to do - get my girlfriend in on this fun with us! Just kidding. I wish, though! But she did understand and sent me on my way with one last oral pleasantry. It's been a while since I saw her, but I'm still in awe and thankful for how understanding and giving she was with me.

— Parker, 26