Caught in Her Dress

I was alone one night and started drinking, then feeling excited. Being a leg man, I thought I would try on my wife's pantyhose. Of course, I could not go without panties, so I ended up getting fully dressed. While I was admiring my legs, which looked great in hose and heels, my wife came home. She screamed when she saw me, then after settling down a little, started looking me up and down. She told me that if I wanted to be the woman, she would show me what it was like. She put on one of my business suits and started groping me. At first I was not happy at being treated like a hunk of meat, but after she ran her hands up my legs and grabbed me, I was hooked! That was the most amazing feeling. The rest of the night was great. Now we have "dress up night" and she is even talking about getting a strap-on. I think I have created a monster.

— David, 52