Being Caught in Panties

I got up to use the bathroom after my wife left for work. There on the floor was my wife's pink, full brief panties lying. I got curious about how they would feel to wear them, so I put them on and got excited real fast. I got caught up in the moment and did not hear her come in for the papers she left. She came in and started yelling at me; I started crying. She started calling me a sissy, and then she pulled her cellphone out and took about three pictures of me. She told me, "I should leave you, but I'll think about it at work and let you know. Since you like wearing my dirty panties so much, get all the housework done and dinner made before I get home, and you better not remove my panties." Well, when she came home with her sister, I was never more humiliated in my life. There I was in pink panties and her sister snapping away with her phone! She laughed at me, calling me names. So here it is, ten years later. My wife blackmails me with all the pictures, and I wear all her clothes. I love being to wear them every day and doing all the chores. I dress like a sissy and love every minute of it. I worship her every day.

— Rob, 32