Testing the Waters

My wife and I joined a few couples we knew on holiday and were invited out fishing on their cruiser. We gladly agreed; both of us are excellent anglers. As the day got along and it started heating up, some went in the cabin and my wife took the chair waiting for a hookup. Sure enough, she got a Marlin strike; all the others got excited and one man's wife invited me up on the crow's nest to watch the action. As her husband adjusted the chair and my gal slid up and down reeling, she then yelled gleefully for her husband to please pull off her panties for they were riding up. He got on his knees and pulled them off; all of us were getting hot watching this. I said to his wife, "If that was you and me, I would be doing more!" Eventually, her husband took the chance and did do more. My wife purposely lost the fish when that happened. I told my gal, "Go on and try another lure!" She asked if I wanted to join; I declined saying it was too hot not to watch. She agreed and said, "Let's just get kinky voyeuring." Several in the cabin came out to enjoy the sexuality that was going on. We all said this was a great beginning to a closer relationship. Just then, the tropical rain readied the wife for round two!

— Jack, 51