Traded Wife

My wife is younger than me and looks fantastic. I arranged for a prospective customer to join us for dinner one evening and he commented on my wife's looks. During drinks later, I asked if he fancied her. "What man wouldn't?" he replied. Anyway, he said if he could spend the night with her, I would be guaranteed the business. When he went off to get some drinks, I told my wife. She was shocked at first, but after a while she said she would do it for me. That night, I went home alone while he enjoyed my wife. I collected her the next morning and over breakfast, he gave me the order and a guarantee for more. My wife has told me about what they did and said she would be prepared to spend more nights with him in the future. Looks like my business is looking up; my wife has been so hot in bed since, I might try it again.

— Matthew, 50