Organza Nighties 1

The other day was my birthday and my wife brought me home a surprise. When I opened it, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a beautiful organza babydoll nightie and negligee; it looked like wow! I had to try it on and the feeling I got, the excitement, was overwhelming. I felt the enthusiasm, delight, ecstasy, real happiness, enjoyment, and joie-de-vivre. I was just over the moon. My wife said I looked beautiful in it, especially when I put on the negligee. I fell in love with this fab nightie and negligee. It had a huge sweep on the hem and was a shimmering delight. I just did not want to take it off, so I went to bed early and what a delight to wear in bed; a real turn-on. She said she will buy me more of these delights and I can't wait. With five layers of organza, I feel like I'm in heaven.

— Mark, 49