Back Seat

It was the day after Christmas, our two-month anniversary. My girlfriend and I went to the zoo with her aunt because, if we wanted to go on a date, we had to be in an open area with someone close to her family. After the zoo, we went shopping. She was lying in my lap and my hand was in her front pocket. I felt the line of her thong, and I asked if I could touch her. She said yes. So, I did for a total of about three hours with breaks in between. We couldn't help but laugh every time her aunt said, "Hand check." I'd pull my hand out quickly. It was dark, so her aunt had no idea. I asked how I was making her feel because I was only doing it to make her feel good. But she still hasn't really answered me. On one occasion, I did this until we broke up five days before our three-month anniversary. I still love her and want her to feel good.

— Jeffrey, 19