My Wife the Sexy Fox

I have the hottest wife. She is 5' 6", a hundred twenty pounds, and genuinely beautiful. She keeps herself shaved as smooth as a baby's behind and never wears panties. Prior to our meeting, she had been in relationships both bi and straight. I have had a good deal of sexual experience, but no woman had ever been able to bring me to an orgasm orally until she came into my life. I fantasize constantly of her sharing those types of experiences with me. As we are out shopping, dining, or whatever, I scan the people around and imagine my wife pleasing this one or that one. It turns me on so much. I have also imagined her with another man or woman while she is pleasuring me as well. I doubt that my fantasy will be realized, but at least in my mind's eye and fantasies it plays as a hit for me through all these years.

— Gary, 49