Every night after work, I would visit a local food place. My wife complained about it for years. At home for the last year, she has been taking control in the bedroom; spanking me and making me self-pleasure. I love the control she has taken. Last night, she asked me if I would stop going for a drink every night. I told her I would try. She got mad and spanked me with a paddle. She then had me dress up in a thong panty and matching bra set. After that came the super glossy pantyhose, and then the tank top and sexy orange shorts. She then made me put on white scrunchy socks and white sneakers. When I was dressed, I had to serve her wine for the rest of the night. I was also bent over the couch and spanked. I loved wearing the outfit so much! I loved every second. I now come home directly from work, change in to the uniform, and make my wife dinner. I love it very much.

— Kevin, 29