Sensuous Grace

I was at my mother-in-law's new house helping her with the yard work. I have to admit that she's still a hottie. Now, she's been divorced for some time, and we've always flirted with each other, but today was somehow different. She was incredibly hot on this hot summer day. After planting some flowers and some heavy landscaping, I was very hot and sweaty. So, I took off my shirt. This must have turned the ole girl on because she excused herself and kindly went upstairs to get a little comfortable. I had to use the rest room, which was next to her bed room. As I walked by her room, there she was in all of her glory, stark naked with sweat glistening all over her ample curves. I never knew she was so endowed. She was still a very beautiful woman. She was sexy and obviously hot because when I walked by her room, the door was wide open. When she saw me, and the way she looked at me, I knew that look. I now knew where my wife got that incredibly soul-piercing, seductive glare that makes a man just want to lose it. So, in this hot husky voice, she calls me over. I could not help myself. It was like I was hypnotized, just under her spell, so I went. She proceeded to silently seduce me with a sweet, sensuous grace that I had never until then known. She undressed me, ripping my shorts down to my feet. We had the hottest afternoon delight. I never thought that something like this would ever happen, but it was the best. We swore to never tell. Every now and then we get together to comfort one another. Shhh… keep this just between us.

— Jerome, 46