Caught By Wife

I was caught by my wife two weeks ago completely dressed up as a girl at a restaurant/coffee shop with my friend Mike. Please let me explain, I am a very feminine looking person. I have known this since I was very young and have been dressing and acting like a girl since my childhood. Everyone used to think it was cute the way I would pretend to be a girl. Even when I got older, I would always find excuses to cross-dress and finally my mother just told me to wear what I wanted to wear at home. I met my wife a year ago and we got married just four months ago. I told her I had a condition that had made my breasts develop when I was young and she believed me. However, she also liked to call me her girlfriend and loves to make me wear lingerie to bed. She is a very dominant woman and often refers to me as "hers." Two weeks ago, I decided that while she was out of town, I would become Nicole again. I went to the salon and got a pedicure and manicure. I also bought a new short dress and pumps, and had a friend cut and style my longish hair (middle of my neck) for me. I was going to have it cut again before my wife got home. I should mention that I have very little body hair at all. I keep it off by waxing it out any time I see a hair appearing. My wife has never questioned it except to say things like, "You look like a girl down there," or other things. Well, I went out that night and partied with a friend I know who is a nice guy. He always wanted to get in my panties and I have never let him. Just friends! After we had been out dancing and having a few drinks, we stopped at a coffee shop to talk and just relax before heading home. That is when my wife surprised me by walking up and sitting next to me and saying hello Mike to my friend. I was in shock! She explained that my friend, who had done my hair, had called her and told her what I was doing. She came home and they had followed me and Mike to the club, and then to the restaurant. She had seen not only Mike, but several other guys flirt with me at the club and she also had seen me let a guy kiss me! She and Kathy said she wanted to talk to Mike and I, and that is when Kathy also came over to the table. They were very cool and after a while, she told Mike that she and Kathy wanted to take us both back to our apartment and watch us "get busy." I tried to tell her no, but Mike really wanted to do it as well. I just did as I was told. The whole way home she was giving me instructions on how to make out as a proper girl. After getting back to the apartment, Mike and I had sex. My wife said, "Admit it, you are a girl!" I admitted it to her and she wants me to become a girl for her. She has taken me to the salon where Kathy works and had another of the girls do permanent makeup, eyeliner, and lip liner on me. I am starting a class next week to learn to talk like a girl. My wife has said she will have surgery done on by end of August to give me D-cup breast implants. I have agreed and am looking forward to full surgery someday.

— Nicholas, 24