No Room For Escape

One day when I was younger and had my first car, I used to drive up to the mountains and sit by the river and get some sun. This day, I was wearing a tight pair of my sister's nylon shorts and little white satin panties with a half t-shirt. I was slim, but the shorts and panties were so snug. After a couple of hours, decided to return home, but my car would not start. After sitting for a long time, I knew it would not get me home. So, I had no choice but to walk about a half mile to use the pay phone. I did not think I would ever be in this situation, so I did not bring a back up pair of clothes. Walking down the frontage road, the panties were crawling up my ass, but the shorts were so tight and small I could not do anything about it. I kept pulling the shorts down so my panties would not show, but they were so small it did not work. I knew I had a real visible panty line, too. After a while, I just let the shorts and panties go where they ended up. When I got to the service station, I stood against the wall because my panties were exposed in the butt area. But I could not call anybody because no one could see me dressed like this. Then a car load of older men on a fishing trip drove in to get gas. One man asked me if I needed a ride while looking at my short shorts. I told him my situation, and he said I could ride with them back home. It was about an hour's ride. It was getting late, and I wanted this day to be over. When I said no, he reminded me how late it was, so I said yes. When I walked over to the car, there was nowhere to sit. The guy who asked me to come with them said to sit on his lap since it would only be for an hour. When I began to sit on his lap, I noticed his huge bulge. He noticed that I noticed, so he closed his knees. Then I sat down so my legs were spread open like straddling him. Then he opened his legs a little bit at a time. Before I knew it, I was spread eagle on his lap. Knowing that my panties were tight and satin, and the shorts being nylon, had slipped down in back so about three inches of my panty were showing in back. Everybody had been drinking, and no one was paying attention. So, he started to feel them. We arrived at home and, when dropped off at his car, he said he would give me a ride to my parent's house. Not wanting to walk around like that, I said okay. We drove to my house, and I noticed he was pleasing himself while driving. I pretended not to notice, but it was obvious. When we got to my house, he started fondling me and then had oral sex with me. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled me over so to return the favor. I did, and then we switched to anal sex. Then he said, "Pull your shorts up and get out."

— Rex, 45