Obsessed with Asian Women

I love Asian women! They are beautiful, sexy, and exotic. I love their dark hair, eyes, and good looks; and if they have big breasts, that's even better. I grew up in a very large city in Northern California and we had girls from all over in my high school. Maybe that's where I fell in love with Asian's exotic looks. I was stationed with the USAF in the Pacific Islands. I had sex with beautiful Asians and married one. She only had size 34-B breasts; she tried to make them bigger, but it didn't work. I have always had excess breast fat/tissue and loved putting bras on. I used hers, and also had some of my own. She caught me and we divorced. Now, I live alone and cross-dress all the time; I love it! I look at Asian Porno on the internet and enjoy that as well. I would love to meet an Asian He-She. But, I can only dream. Don't think it will happen. Too bad!!

— Bob, 70