Car Sale Bonus

I have a friend who I have been giving oral relief to when he calls me on my cell phone. I have been submitting to his wishes for several years. He has a car lot business and is able to get away whenever he wants. About a year ago, he made a comment that he wished he had someone like me to help close the deal on some of his sales to special customers. Jokingly, I said, "Give me a call sometime." About a week later, he did call and told me to go to a local motel. He gave me a room number and told me he had a customer he had promised my special talent to for buying one of his cars. I was shocked he really meant it, but did not want to let him down; I went to meet his customer. When I got there, it was obvious this guy was very excited and expected me to give him great satisfaction. It must have worked very well because now I receive frequent calls to help close the deal.

— Frank, 61