Satin And Silk

I and the missus were staying with her sister while we got a place sorted. We both love me to wear satin or silk panties in bed when we have sex. One particular day, I was in the house on my own watching porn and got the urge to masturbate. So, I went upstairs to put on some panties to really get me going. I had the idea of wearing some of my sister-in-law's panties for a bigger turn on. I put on the sexiest, silkiest ones I could find. I laid on her bed and masturbated. I left the panties on for the rest of the day. When it was time for bed, I stripped down to my panties in front of the wife. She recognized the panties as not being hers but her sisters, and it turned her on something rotten. We had sex all night long. Sometimes she wore the panties and asked me to pretend I was having sex with her sister. Since then, I have 'borrowed' a few pairs of the sis-in-law's panties to wear. I even thought about showing her what I look like in her panties to see if I have the same effect on her.

— Brett, 37