Mature Woman Sex

One night, I was at my house by myself. My parents went away for their anniversary. So, I was relaxing when I remembered that a hot mom was next door. She was a fine one. So, I snuck over to her house and went in her bedroom. Then I heard her walking down the hallway. So, I hid in her closet. When she laid down on her bed, she started to play with herself. So, I started to masturbate. She heard me and walked over to the closet. When she found me she said, "Hey, want to have some sex with me baby? Every boy needs his milk." So, I told her it was my first time but I would do her anyway. So, after the chit-chat, we had oral sex. Then we had regular and anal sex. The only reason we had anal sex is because she told me to make her scream! So, after that, I went home. Since then, we have had sex every Friday night.

— Ezekiel, 19