She was Excited

I have been wearing women's clothes for years, always in secret. One day, I was in full dress when my wife came home early and caught me. She was excited, not angry. She went to our room and came back with a bag of clothes. She told me she knew I was wearing her clothes and was hoping to catch me. She said I had all the wrong styles on. She showed me how thong panties and higher heels made my legs and butt look sexier. Then she gave me a push up bra that actually gave shape to my chest. Finally, she put me in a dress that exposed most of my legs. She said my thighs and calves were very shapely and should be open for everyone to see. I could not believe how great I looked. We enjoyed a long night of dress up and sex. Next, she wants to try makeup so we can go out in public.

— Pierce, 32