Pictures On The Internet

About a year ago, I got a digital camera and was able to talk my wife into posing nude for me. Although she was a little reluctant at first, she ended up really enjoying it. After I had a pretty good collection of pictures taken, I approached my wife about posting the pictures on the internet to see what other people thought of the pictures. Once again, she was reluctant but finally agreed. She got very excited when she started reading the comments and emails about her pictures. I also got very aroused by the thought of other men masturbating to pictures of my wife. Sometimes we both masturbate next to each other while we read the comments about what other men and women think about my wife's pictures. Now my wife wants to post naked pictures of me on the internet to see what responses we would get. I haven't decided what to do yet. I kind of like the idea of intimate pictures of myself floating around on the internet.

— Adam, 38