My parents went out of town for the weekend. The babysitter was hot, hot, hot. She slept on the pull-out couch downstairs. In the middle of the night, I snuck downstairs and lifted her covers and nightie. I was playing with myself when she woke up. After a long talk, she got undressed, laid down, and said I could touch her. I touched her all over while she played with me. She masturbated and taught me how to do it to her. The next night, we took a shower together and played with each other. She gave me my first oral sex. Later, we slept in the same bed, and she let me lay on her with a towel over her private region and had me pretend to have sex with her. She left me her panties, and I used to play with them. She died in a car accident not long after, but I will never forget her.

— Solomon, 50