Going Out in Curlers

I have loved getting my hair set in curlers for twelve years now; the look, feel, and service are all fantastic. Once, for a simple test, I set my hair in those bulky c-clamp curlers and went outside in a great looking black dress at night to just walk around the area to let my hair air-dry. I had no regular dryer and I wasn't happy about sleeping in those curlers either. It felt so good, but I was very nervous about anyone seeing me. It did feel freeing, letting the nice soft breeze on my curlers as I went along. The dark soft dress felt great also. I got back to my house and watched TV until the sun came up, got dressed in my regular clothes, took my curlers out, sprayed my hair, and went on with my day. In the twelve years since then, I have had the great treat of having someone else wash and set my hair for me and it's wonderful! I never wore my mother's dresses again, but it was a great fantasy lived out.

— Bob, 49