Secret Ceremony

When I was young, I had a crush on a very pretty girl in my neighborhood. She was about two years older than me and thought it was kind of cute that I wanted to hang around her. I think that she thought of me as her personal pet. One day, she asked me if I respected girls and of course I told her that I did. She said that her cousin Claire was coming for the weekend and I was to meet her. On Saturday morning, I was taken to a place in the woods near our house and Claire and four other older girls were waiting for us. I was sworn to secrecy and told to remove my clothes. Scared stiff, I did and stood naked in front of six fully dressed girls. I had been voted most likely to show disrespect for girls by looking up their skirts. For the next hour, each girl inspected me. Then, one at a time, they pulled up their skirts and I had to look at them. I was then reminded of the secret pact and told to come back in two weeks for another session.

— Tom, 66