Affair With Sister-In-Law

I have known my sister-in-law for sixteen years now. She is forty-three. Although she lives a thousand miles away, we see each other during family visits two or three times a year. I became physically attracted to her eleven years ago, but I never shared with her my feelings until last year. She had been unhappy in her marriage. I couldn't blame her. Her husband never was a family man, didn't treat her with respect, and - as I found out later - did not satisfy her sexually. I, on the other hand, have always been a good husband to my wife and a father to my children. She often complemented me on that. At one time, she even told her she should have married me. She said this in front of her own husband. Last year, we were sitting in her backyard drinking wine and beer. Both my wife and her husband went to bed, leaving us both alone. She proceeded to open her heart to me, sharing with me all her unhappiness and frustrations with her marriage and her life in general. She told me that I, on the other hand, seemed so calm and cool and that I had it all together. It was at that time I, too, was not happy and had a confession to make. I told her I had been attracted to her for several years. I then kissed her. She responded positively by opening her mouth and accepting my advance. However, after another kiss, she pushed me away saying it was all wrong. She then went into the house and to bed. The next morning, we left to return home. She remained in bed. I was sober and hung-over and felt like I made a big mistake. My wife called her from the cell phone, and my sister-in-law had apparently been bawling her eyes out. When I got home, I called her up to apologize. She said she was totally distraught the next day but had since gotten over it and said we were just drunk and it was all a big mistake. She forgave me. However, I started receiving emails from her, and then she started instant messaging me. She admitted she was attracted to me, too, and it quickly turned into an Internet affair. Finally, after three months of passionate emails and messages, she came to visit. We made love several times, and we fell in love. We have since gotten together again during another family gathering. We are seeing each other again next month. As she is coming alone, I managed to arrange a rendezvous at a local hotel. We are madly in love with each other, and she is actually planning to move her whole family nearby so that we can be close. I would have never imagined being in such a situation. But then I see the amazing, evil, impossible, and dumbfounded things that love has done to people over the ages and I feel I, too, am caught up in something I have no control over. I have met the woman of my dreams that satisfies me in every way - emotionally, physically, and intellectually. And she is my sister-in-law.

— Noah, 39