Looks Like a Bullet Bra

I have been putting on bras for almost sixty years now. I have always had small male breasts. Since I am no longer married and live alone, I have a collection of thirty-five or so bras, panties, babydolls, and nylons. Two of my bras, a black demi and a flesh colored one, are made so that I can put 1950's style pointed falsies in the 38-C cups. When I do, it looks like I have a "Bullet Bra" on. These were the type bras that movie stars wore to make their breasts look pointed. I love the look. I'd love to buy a real bullet bra, but they are costly and are not made of new type material; they do not stretch. So, I'll just have to keep wearing what I have and thinking I have a bullet bra on. Love that!

— Seth, 70