Fall Festival

Last year, I went to a local festival. The weather was perfect, so I wore a pair of tan shorts and nice shirt; I also wore no underwear. As I walked around, I checked out the woman, got a beer, a corndog, and found a place to sit down at a table. I was only there a minute when this gal sat at a table across from me. I looked over and she started playing with herself; this made me excited. It went on and on while I drank my beer and ate my corndog. All of a sudden, someone hit me knocking my dog out of my hand; it landed on my shorts and this dude fell down. As he was getting up, he had his hand on my leg and squeezed. He apologized and offered to get a wet towel and clean off my shorts. I said no, that I would go home and wash them. He then offered to do it at his place; I agreed and followed him home. At his house, he gave me a smoking jacket to put on, so I stepped into his bathroom and changed. I caught him looking at me as I slipped on the jacket. I got excited yet again. Before I left, we pleasured each other.

— Randy, 48