What A Day

The day started off horrible. I woke up late, and my car was acting up. So, I was late for work. I had a new boss I was really trying to make a good impression on, and this was screwing me up. As soon as I got to my office, she called for me to come see her. She was looking really sexy. She wore a fitted suit hugging every curve. She was really upset, telling me how she would not have tardy workers. She was more upset then she should have been. So, I told her my excuse and asked if everything was okay. She told me she was having issues trying to adjust to this new organization, and she felt like everyone was against her. This was my time to earn brownie points, but I earned so much more. I told her about how bad things were before she came, and we ended up laughing at the end of our conversation. I got my work done, but since I was late, I ended up staying when everyone else had gone home. She called me into her office again. This time she smiled at me and told me to have a seat. She said she wanted to thank me for speaking with her earlier. She had the sexiest look in her eyes. I was about to leave before I got myself into trouble. I couldn't help it. She was sitting on her desk in front of me with her legs in between mine. Her smile turned to a smirk as she opened her legs slightly and, grabbing my hand, she put it on her leg. She winked at me daring me to do her on the desk. I pushed papers everywhere and pilled off her clothes. She ripped mine off. It was the wildest sex I've ever had. We went on for hours. After we got cleaned up, she told me it would have to stay between us. It did. We still have our kinky nights whenever we can.

— Marcus, 21