Husband in Chastity

My wife and I are straight and throughout half of our marriage, things were pretty normal. To spice things up, I purchased a chastity cage and began to wear it for her (now, I have several). She wasn't really thrilled, but like anything, things usually go further, or they go nowhere. In time, we both liked this arrangement and, over the last decade she became my key holder and I the chaste and very cooperative husband. I lovingly attend to her needs and pleasures, letting her make the rules. My wife never forced me and is still concerned about my happiness. Some may wonder why a man would pretty much give up pleasure from intimacy, but there is some for me although very infrequently. She does this to me to give me the frustration and control I seek, and this arrangement gives her the control and power she likes and I like her to have.

— Henry, 50