Beach Bikini

I was going to the beach when I ran into my next door neighbor, a single woman in her early forties. She asked if it was okay for her to tag along. I said no problem. She went inside to get into her suit and bring a few things. We drove to the beach, about fifteen or twenty minutes away. When we got there and set up our stuff, I realized that I was wearing a rather brief bikini. It was a sheer fabric one which clearly defined my manhood. I'm extremely well endowed and I felt somewhat self-conscious wearing this suit in front of her. She took off her shorts and top to reveal a two piece that put me into an extreme excitement state. We both were a bit awestruck by the sight of the other. She smiled and said she really liked my suit. I then apologized for the heightened state of excitement that she saw me in. The rest of the day was spent admiring each other's assets, but nothing happened until we got home.

— Jacob, 24