My wife went back to work after all the kids were grown enough. Her boss is homely, tall, and not attractive. One night after work hours, she told me told me that he approached her. She had a feeling he was going to for quite some time. When she went to his office near closing time, he always greeted her by coming out of his chair and meeting her as she walked towards him. This one night, she saw he was visibly excited and she realized her boss was really well endowed. It was like she had never seen anything like this before and it made her hot. She went past him and put down the papers she had in her hand. She told me then her boss came up to her and put his arms around her. Her boss wanted to have sex with her. Before she realized what was happening, they both were acting on their desires. Now, her boss gets to do her again and again as long as she relates the story to me. I get a lot of sex from her too. She is so hot and I love to hear about her times with her boss. I love her so much.

— Christian, 40