Unexpected Encounter

Due to a job promotion, I was required to move to another state in October. Since it was the middle of the school year for our son, my wife and I decided that I would move right away, and that the two of them would join me when the school year was over. We made arrangements with family members to watch our son so that my wife could come and visit me for a week each month until they finally moved here. When December came, I had planned on driving home to be with my family over the holidays. Unfortunately, shortly before Christmas a storm hit. The snow and ice-covered roads made it impossible for me to make the drive. There were no last minute flights available, so I ended up traveling by bus. After a lot of hassles and waiting, I was able to catch a bus that left late at night. There were only about ten people or so on board. Most of the other passengers sat up front near the bus driver, but I opted to go to the rear where the last seat was a long bench seat. I thought I might stretch out and catch some sleep. A young lady with two small children came to the rear of the bus. She got her children settled in some seats near the front. She tucked them in, and they went to sleep. She came back and sat next to me, and we started chatting. She was an attractive, well-built young lady who was married to a service man. She was on her way to join him for the holidays. The interior lights were off, the other passengers were dozing, and no one was taking notice of us. Well, one thing led to another, and we were soon kissing. She was very passionate. After finishing, we sat up, and within minutes we were kissing again. She wanted more. We finished again and smoked a few cigarettes. This woman was fantastic! Shortly afterwards, we stopped at a cafe for a bite to eat. After boarding the bus again, we started up all over. By the time we reached my destination, she wanted me to get us a motel room. I couldn't do so because my wife was meeting me at the station. Upon arriving home, my wife wanted sex. Since I was totally drained, I pleaded fatigue. She let me sleep so I could recover and then attend to her needs. I sure wish I could meet the young woman on the bus again. She was unforgettable!

— Tony, 38