Earning a Dress

I was helping my friend who owns a second hand women's dress shop with some work in the shop. When I was done, she asked about paying me. She said she usually gives helpers free clothes, but since it is a women's shop, that would not work. Then she looked at me and winked and said unless I was interested in trying on some of the dresses. I was surprised, but excited at the idea and agreed. She picked out a cute dress in my size and had me try it on. I was amazed how sexy I looked and felt. She said I needed the full look and handed me high heels. She said she did not seek stockings so she reached under her dress and pulled off her stockings and panties for me to put on. As I admired how cute I looked in the mirror, I saw her reflection as she was also admiring me. I went over to her and kissed her. She went nuts and we had sex in every way possible. When I finally left, she gave me the dress, heels, panties, and stockings; telling me to have fun with them. I am sure I will.

— Charlie, 33