This is not a story, I'm just asking for help since I don't trust any of my friends to talk about this with because they will laugh and make fun at me after. I'm going to start with saying that I love to dress up as a woman. I just love the way that the panties feel on my body; the miniskirts and the high heels. I dress up after I get of work when I get home. How can I go out all dressed up? I'm so scared of what the world will say or think about me, but I want to do it so bad. I just don't know what to wear at first so it doesn't look too obvious; I would like to be kind of discreet at first while I get comfortable. The second question I have is how can I learn to wear make-up to cover the facial hair? What kind the make-up I should buy and what color, what brand? I'm a Hispanic male, so my skin is brown or tan. I want to be a Hispanic girl so bad and walk in the open like that. Also, I'm planning on letting my hair grow and, when is long enough, get a girly haircut. Not too noticeable at first, though.

— Julio, 33