Hot Mother-In-Law

I was at my mother-in-law's talking about how I had nothing but time on my hands since my wife was working and my son was at school for another semester. Mom asked if I still had sex with my wife regularly. I told her once in a while but that I still had to take a magazine into the bathroom occasionally. She laughed and said at fifty-four (my age) she was still getting it three times a week from my ex-father-in-law. She said that she would like to see if at seventy it was still as much fun as her memories since her husband died twelve years ago. I laughed, but she just stared at me. "Well?" she said. I told her just once. Now, I go over three to four times a week because she says she will tell my wife if I don't have sex with her. Anybody remember "The Graduate"? I grumble, but she is better than my wife in bed.

— Jack, 54