My wife is a strong willed woman. She is beautiful in every way. Once in a while, I have to play the reversal game with her. She will dress me in a matching bra and panty set, garter belt, stockings, a pair of women's jeans, a t shirt, and a men's sweater to hide the bra. She takes me out shopping with her and I am easily coaxed out of all my extra cash. Then we go to the panty section and she buys more panties for us both. We go to dinner and usually a movie. At this point, I have been excited for hours. When we get home, she spanks me with a paddle. She tells me how wrong it is for me to get excited from wearing girl things and calls me a sissy. After she is satisfied, I am to give her oral pleasure. I am forced to go to bed wearing a tight pink girdle. I love my wife so much.

— Mason, 28