Wife Gets Altered

I love seeing my wife in lingerie and I have supplied her with quite a selection. Last week, she was modeling and I had some ideas for some alterations to make them even sexier. She chimed in and had some suggestions of her own. I told her she should get them done professionally and she got a dirty little grin on her face when I suggested the older guy who does my slacks. She knows I love to show her off and she spent over an hour with him yesterday. She said they had to be in the back room because of her exposure. I guess he was very touchy, especially with her breasts, and she noticed an alteration of his pants while he was working with her. He cancelled two other appointments just to take care of her and he even offered to make her a custom bikini. We've decided to go to him for all our lingerie alterations. Besides her doctor, chiropractor, and massage therapist, add one more guy who gets to see and touch my wife's beautiful body on a routine basis. I think it may soon be five because I hear he's hiring a young male assistant.

— Sam, 36