I was young, fit, and daring when I was stationed in South Korea in the 1980's. I got on a train headed south into the countryside. It was an old style train with a few passenger cars and a line of box cars. I went to the last box car, they were all almost empty, and the side door was open wide. I could see all the way up the center aisle, so I went back up and closed several doors. The noise of the last one opening would warn me if someone came. Then, I stood in the corner and took all my clothes off. I stood in the open box car door watching the rice paddies roll by. After a few miles, we went alongside a road and several cars driven by serious looking Korean men saw me. Then we came to a village and, as we rolled through, cars at three roads waiting for the train to pass got a quick flash. Lots of pedestrians saw me roll by with my salute flapping in the wind. I stood or sat there for over forty minutes until I felt the train start to slow for a station stop.

— Jeff, 56