The Best Deli Ever

One day, I was working at a deli restaurant when this beautiful brunette came in with her friend. I had been their host. She had a figure of a knock-out and resembled a cheerleader with wavy hair. The other girl was a blonde but not as cute. I had taken both of their orders, and the brunette flirted with me by touching her upper lip with her tongue and smiling. After both of them were done, I complemented both of them on their looks and winked at them. The brunette winked back and asked, "Do you want to meet up somewhere?" My break was in two minutes, so I said for her to meet me in the back. Since it wasn't that busy, I sneaked both of them to the back kitchen. They were both giggling with excitement. Next, the brunette and I took our pants down and had a quickie while the blonde watched. The blond was rubbing me the right way from behind. All of us tried hard not to laugh. After it was done, the brunette gave me her phone number. Then both of them left from the backdoor that I showed them. It was the best fifteen minutes of my life.

— Jeremy, 21