Babied by Wife

My wife and I love to play big baby diaper games. She will put me in thick, cloth diapers and plastic panties. We have pink, blue, yellow, animal prints, etc. She uses loads of baby lotion and powder so I will smell like a baby. She will then dress me in street clothes and we will go out to the grocery store. She will pat my diapered butt and make comments like, "Are you wet yet?" Then we will go to dinner and the movies with me in diapers. At dinner, she orders me large ice teas and then gives me our secret look that tells me it is time to wet my diapers. I go to the movies in wet diapers. When we get home, she will get me out of the wet diapers, give me a bath, and then diaper me for the night. The next morning, I will wake up wet and she will check my diapers. Then she will clean me up and I spend the next day as a baby. The next night, I must become a man and take care of her. By that time, I am ready and we end with both of us being satisfied.

— Nelson, 60