She Bought it for Me

One Saturday I went to buy some new girl's stuff and a pretty little Asian girl was working. I found what I wanted and went to pay. She said I had a lucky wife. Without thinking, I told her I was not married and they were for me. She asked if she could see me in them I said yes. She closed the store and went in back; I stripped to my panties a bra, and then put on what I got. She asked if I would try something on for her and asked what size shoe I wore; when she came back there was a whole outfit. I put the bra, panty, and garter set on; the nylons, and then the pretty short dress and half-slip. I was told I was a beautiful girl. I was told if I wanted them, she would buy, but I had to leave that way. What could I say? I walked out dressed up.

— Greg, 56