The Drunk Chick

I was in my last month of the police academy. A buddy of mine was already hired by a local police department and invited me to go on a "ride along". I rode with him for most of the night with little action. Around 2:30, we get a call on the radio to back up another officer on a DUI. When we pull up, I am told to stay with the car while they conduct a field sobriety test. I see this girl get out of her car with the shortest of skirts. She was completely drunk and using her sex appeal to get out of being arrested. What made things worse for her was that she was stopped right in front of her house. Her boyfriend came out and scolded her like she was a child. He refused to pick her up from the station after she was booked. I was tired of riding around with my friend, so I offered to drive her home on my way home. Nobody had a problem with that, so we both got into my truck and left. It was close to 4:00 a.m. at this point. When we got to her house, her boyfriend was not there. She was still a little intoxicated but mostly just pissed at her man for leaving her. Thinking that I was an off duty cop, she figured it would help her to get on my good side. She invited me into her house and let me do whatever I wanted with her. I had a great night/morning with her and never let on that I was not a cop. I never saw her again, but I keep reliving that night over in my mind. I never mentioned it to my friend, the real cop. I wonder how she made out.

— Lance, 33