My New World

I've always had a desire to wear girls/women's clothing and lingerie. Being slim helped it to not look stupid on me. It started when I was young; I would borrow my cousin's white pleated miniskirt and pink panties. I was married for seventeen years had two kids, but separated about a year ago. My wife never knew about my fetish for feminine clothes and now I'm living a dream with drawers and wardrobes full of miniskirts, dresses, camisoles, teddies, stockings, baby-dolls, high heels, wigs, corsets, satin nighties, panties, and of course, make-up. With female herbal hormones, I'm up to a size 34B and now my waist has shrunk to 27-28 inches and my hips have gained a couple of inches too. I'm fitting into size 6 to 8 satin teddies now. With my corset, panties, stockings, tight dress, heels, make-up, and long dark wig on; I even turn myself on sometimes. When looking in a mirror, I'm even getting feminine traits; like the way I bite my lip or play with my hair. I am totally happy in my new world and no one knew until now. Oops!

— Jon, 40