The Bridesmaid Dress

I went to my mom's sister's (aunt's) wedding. When we arrived, my aunt was having a panic attack because one of her bridesmaids was missing. So unexpectedly, my mom begged me to wear the bridesmaid dress and dressed up as a girl. "What! Hell no!" "You will do as I say, now put on this dress." I went into the dressing room and there was a bra, a wig, makeup, and the dress. I put on the bra and dress and looked in the mirror and surprisingly, I loved it the feel and look of it; it was amazing. It was a pink strapless dress with two ribbons on the front. After that, I put on the makeup and wig and looked in the mirror and I loved the way I looked. I loved the feeling of looking like a girl. Every day, I put on the dress and stole my sister's panties and from then on out, day and night, I was wearing panties.

— Hunter, 19