Paying the Plumber

When my wife and I were dating, I had just bought a house and it needed some major plumbing work. I called everywhere, but everyone was too expensive. She thought that one of her old high school boyfriends was a plumber, so she found him. After their conversation, she told me that he was divorced and had not dated anyone in a while and would do it for the cost of materials if he could have sex with her again. I figured we weren't married yet, he'd already had her many times in her past, and we'd be saving over three thousand dollars, so she came to my house on her lunch breaks and let the plumber do her every day he was on the job. Now, we've been married for six years and every time we have a plumbing issue, I bring up how we can save a lot of money and my wife smiles and hands me the phone. I haven't had the guts to call him, but if the job ever gets big enough, I just might.

— Austin, 32