Wife's Boss

My wife has become the new excitement of the neighborhood. I see younger men drooling over her every day. She has a new job and male boss whom she seems to admire. We talked about her going back to being a stay-at-home wife, but she refuses. My daughter is now married and moved out; my wife claims staying at home is boring. I suspected her of fooling around with her boss and I was right. I left work early to find her boss in my chair, drinking my beer, naked, and with my wife servicing him. Something she has not done to me in years. He stood up when I walked in. I was speechless; I kind of stood there taking it all in. I began to yell and try to man up; my wife calmed me down as he was pulling up his pants. He left and later that evening, my wife talked to me about how she was unsatisfied, but still loved me more than ever. Somehow she made it feel ok. She said I could be part of it and convinced me it would be ok. I somehow agreed that she deserved to be pleased and happy. The next weekend, he was invited back and I watched them. She took me upstairs and put a bra and panties on me, and then we went back downstairs. I could see him giggle, She proceeded to service him again and, as I stood there in my wife's bra and panty set, I started to get very turned on. We took turns servicing him and I started getting good at it. Ever since then, I service him regularly. My wife has been putting lip stick on me and we both are very happy.

— Matthew, 36